Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Squeaking In

Here I am, squeaking in a post before the day is gone. Tuesday is my busy errand running day. I had a fair amount of product to deliver, too. Happy ladies have goodies to play with now. This evening, hubby, the kids and I went out to dinner to the Texas Roadhouse. I have been such a good girl watching my eating, I threw it all out the window tonight. After dinner we stopped by Target and bought this teeny-tiny decadent chocolate cake (and ice cream, of course!) Kenna said, "I don't know if I can eat that! It's too much chocolate!" We took it home and cut into 4 small pieces. Kenna stuck to her word and didn't have any. It was sooo rich. I said to Mark, we should have cut it into 6 pieces, it was that rich! I spent the rest of the night watching American Idol and recovering.

Tonight's card features one of my favorite new sets in the catalog, Cheep Talk. Honestly, I have been saving these two feathers for over a year waiting for the perfect card. The bright colors I used go perfectly with these vibrant feathers. I am loving this card. My one "mistake." I decided to put the sun in the corner after the card was constructed. I should have masked it off because I got ink on the Tempting Turquoise base. I think I will look for more feathers the next time I hit the craft store! Too much fun!

I'm off to bed now! It's terribly windy outside. It's going to be difficult to sleep tonight. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Shelley... awwwww, your card is so eye catching and adorably SWEET! The feathers make the card for sure. I like how you cut the grass and tree trunk with waves for motion and depth to the card.

    Now I'm loving the idea for a night out to dinner! We haven't done that in a long time. Then Target... That's my favorite boutique!! The winds must have gone your way... we just had the COLD today! :)