Monday, May 3, 2010

A New Badge! Wahoo!

I've sat on this for almost a week.  I wanted to post a card along with the news.  However, this is looking like another busy week.  My son has 4 golf tournaments this week.  This last month of school is just crazy!  Between field trips, sports and the last few school events, it's just a flurry of activity at my house!

So, I was honored to receive this badge from the gals at Stampin' Royalty for my work on last week's card.

I will proudly display it in my side bar.  (This could become an obsession!)  It's fun being recognized!

I am hoping for a little R&R in my crafting room this week.  I think I will have to ignore a substantial amount of "around the house" work to accomplish this!

How is your week stacking up?


  1. You go girl :D I loved you card when I saw it last week and it is good to see someone else loved it too! Congrats - fully deserved! Hang in there with all the back and forth to activities. This time of year is insane!! Hubby and I just cooked for the youth retreat at the church this weekend (110 people). Prepped all day Friday and cooked B-fast, lunch and dinner Saturday and are exhausted. Enjoy your R & R creating! (((hugs)))

  2. congratulations on the award- the card is so deserving of the badge! :)

  3. Con'grats!! You are amazing with your ideas and creative talent... :) Always a joy to visit you!