Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Birthday & Sharing a Sewing Project

Hi everyone! I've been on hiatus the past week. I knew I would be away for a few days. I had a sewing project to finish before the weekend. I didn't plan for those few days to turn into a week! So, I'll show you the reason I was away.
I made a bag for my Cricut Expression! The bag that Cricut sells is nothing more than a duffel bag with no real storage, so I thought I could do better. My bag holds the machine and eight cartridge boxes around the outside. I can slip the cords and mats inside with the machine. It has a rigid bottom for stability. I really like it. It is a bit heavy when it's loaded up, but I've made plenty of these types of bags before and they are VERY strong. Just to be safe, I made the handles long enough that it's only inches from the floor when I carry it. Also, I have the option to carry it on my shoulder and then use my arm to hold it from underneath. I prefer to carry it at my side, though.

Nice, but you want to see card, right? Well, Monday was hubby's birthday so I'll share the card I made for him. It's a simple one, my favorite these days!

The sentiment is from Birthday Whimsy.The Designer Paper is from Sale-A-Bration last year. The stamp set, Zoofari. I love this stamp for this card because the three birds represent the kids and me. I colored each bird our favorite colors, which he actually got! The only thing that fooled him is me, being red and the mama bird. Our son is actually taller than me and he thought dear son was the red bird!

So, I hope to get back with the program and make more cards! I did enjoy sewing, though. I might try and squeeze in a little of both. Never enough time!


  1. I love your bag - - and you card is FAB! I like how they "match!" You probably didn't even notice that! Have a nice day!

  2. Hi Shelley... I like how you gave your Cricut some LOVE... what a"fantastic" sewn bag!!! Pretty fabric choices, the storage is a "PERFECT PLUS" and I took a close up look!!! Great job.. :) You should sell them on eBay!!

    The card for your hubby is a gem... I like your spin on the 3 birds!! I like CAS cards too!

    Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? Just over 3 hours till Superbowl kick-off... and I'm watching all the commercials! Plus 1/2 time show.... Who, Who!! SMILES.... :)

  3. Great bag, Shelley! Cute card, too. I'm especially impressed that your husband "got" it! Hope he had a really great birthday!

  4. cute bag! cute card with the long legged mama and her little birds!

  5. super cute card and bag, Shelley! so impressed with your sewing:) will you send me your email address?