Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sweet Sunday Sketch.....Missed It!

Edit to post: I DIDN'T miss the deadline! Karen graciously e-mailed me after I told her of my woes. I simply hadn't scrolled down the page far enough. Embarrassing, but I admit to it!I am so bummed! I missed the deadline for Karen's Sweet Sunday Sketch. I had devoted the whole day to doing challenges. I started with hers, but I forgot one crucial thing. Her deadline is noon MT on Thursday. I could have finished this card by then, but I was taking my time....tweeking.I used some really old DP, Dots & Dashes. It's single sided, that tells you it's pretty old! I don't own many alphabet sets so I had to go with what I have, Collage Alphabet. Although, the "H" came from another set. The "H" from Collage Alphabet set is really small, so I substituted. The froggie is from Unfrogettable! I love this little guy. Plus, the way he is cropped, he looks like he's waving, "Hi." It's fitting. Oh, can you tell, it's a window card? So, inside is the rest of Mr. Frog.

So, can you take pity on me for missing the deadline? Show me some love and leave a comment? I'd love to hear what ya think!

And Karen, thanks for the cute sketch!

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  1. 100% cuteness going on girl!! You knocked the socks off this challenge... LOVE the font style on your letters... and the stitching is PERFECT! So fun, playful and very striking... :)

    Stay warm this weekend. We have sun tomorrow, but wet and cold Sunday... I guess a good day to watch football! I'll have to have some stamping project in front of me! LOL! :)