Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Space for Creating

I thought I would include some pictures of my creating space today. It's a dual purpose room as we do use it as a spare bedroom as well. If the bed was outta there, I can only imagine what I would do! I have to say, I try to stretch my dime when it comes to organizing. That way I have more money to spend on stamps! These are things that work for me and maybe you'll find something you can incorporate into your creative space. First, is my stamp organizer. This was a cart I bought at an auction. I added the shelving slots to hold cookie sheets I bought at the Dollar Tree. You can see it holds 24 cookie sheets. Sadly, it will probably be full by the end of the year. At that point, I don't know what I will do. I have a few ideas. I may pack up a few of my lesser used stamps. The second is my ribbon cabinet. I love this so much because it actually goes with the decor in the room. I built this myself, out of some cedar flowers boxes I had taken down. The wood is nice and weathered. I white-washed it with paint and placed a quilted fabric in the back. The door is a screen I picked up at a garage sale, so that determined the cabinet size. I know lots of people use towel bars for their punches. I thought about this, I just have so many punches! I decided to build a ladder and mount it in my closet. It holds a lot of punches! I think the lumber cost me under $10! Can't beat that! Also in my closet, you can see I hang a lot of items of the back wall. Nothing is so heavy that I need to use nails. I've used long quilting pins with glass heads. All my cardstock is in my filing cabinet I picked up at an auction (it even had the files already in it!) See how clean my work station is? This is NOT normal! There are always piles of papers stacked on the table. The cassette rack is a recent purchase. I had outgrown the color caddy. I love it! The last few pictures are just the rest of the room, my sewing machine, reading spot and the bed. I hope you enjoyed seeing my stuff! If you have a questions, I'd be glad to answer them. Have a great day!


  1. Just the cutest!! I love all the fun ideas you have for storage. The latter for your punches is very cool and your ribbon box is "stunning"!! You do great work with wood too besides your cards... :) Did you make your quilt on the bed? Just lovely blue colors... TFS!! Michelle :)

    PS - Keep Warm!!

  2. I love what you did with the cart! So nice and organized. What an inspiration!

  3. Great finds for your spare bedroom... I love re-using items and adding my own personal touches! You sure did find some great bargains and "curb-deals"! Your quilt is just so BEAUTIFUL... :)

    PS - When I was growing up I had a white chenille bed cover and pink walls... brings back memories! :)