Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hearts A Flutter - Treat Totes

I was finally able to spend a decent amount of time in my craft room last night.  It felt good to go in there and play, with nothing else on my mind.  I have been racking my brain, trying to come up with a treat holder for Valentine's Day.  It took a few hits and misses, but I did get a design I'm pleased with....and here they are!

I'm always conscience about my paper consumption, so these are really efficient, too.  The Designer Series Papers are 4" x 8" pieces.  You can get four from a single 12" x 12" sheet, unless it's a directional like the mini hearts (second from left.)  Otherwise you end up with sideways hearts!  The tray I made to sit inside is also from Designer Series Paper and uses a 3" x 6" piece. 

Inside is a fun size bag of M&M's and a self-inflating mini balloon (who knew?) from the Dollar Tree.  Sorry no inside pic...if anyone is really interested...

This is not the layout I wanted for this post, but I am giving up.  Blogger just doesn't like me, so if you have any questions about these projects, don't hesitate to ask!

I'm off to bed because tomorrow I am doing my taxes....fun!


  1. These are adorable, Shelley :) Just the right size for a little something inside! Good luck with the taxes!

  2. These are too cute!! Can you share how to? Thanks