Thursday, April 30, 2009

May Day "Baskets"

Do you celebrate May Day in your area of the country? Here in my part of the Midwest we do. When I was a child we would get together little goodie bags for our friends and deliver them on May 1st.
The whole idea was to deliver it to their doorstep without being caught! So many things to plan. The where, the when and most importantly the escape route once you rang the bell!

When you received a basket it was fun to try figure out who made it? It wasn't always so easy. Usually a friends favorite candy was in the basket and you had a pretty good idea who had delivered it.

I am carrying on the tradition with my daughter and her friends. These are the baskets I made for her to give away. If I had not procrastinated she would have helped. However, that did not happen. I finished them this morning for tomorrow! Sometimes I'm finishing them on May Day!

I just love these bags. They are so fast and simple. (Click on the images to get a better look, my group shot came out small once I cropped it.) It was a great opportunity to use up some Designer Papers, since each bag requires a 6"x12" piece. Most of the other elements can out of my scrap file. Those skinny pieces of 12" cardstock came in really handy for the scallop around the bottom. The sentiment from the Sale-A-Bration set Yummy worked well for the occasion. The added bonus is how well it fit in my Marvy Mega Scallop Square Punch! Mine is a little different than others that I've seen in one respect. I used two eyelets to attach my strap to the back of the basket. With a velcro closure on the front. I hope you give these a try!

If you need directions on how to make one of these, try this link to SCS. Have a great May Day!


  1. Beautiful job! I have that tutorial bookmarked on my computer - you have inspired me to go back and take another look at it this weekend... :)

  2. what lucky kids in your neighborhood! They are so cute! When I was little if you caught the person that gave you the may basket you could kiss them, so we ran really fast after we dropped off the baskets!

  3. SO adorable Shelley! I bet your daughter was happy with the outcome of the baskets (I know I am!) and enjoyed dropping them off at her friend’s doorsteps... DID SHE GET CAUGHT?

    Such a nice way to use up your extra DP's and scarps... I have to try my square scallop punch with the YUMMY. I'm not sure what size I have.

  4. I forgot to mention I took a few photo's of Cooper... stay tune! :)

  5. This is wonderful.
    You have a beatiful blog.