Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I've Been Tagged

I have been tagged! Toni over at Moved to the Mountains got me! Have you seen this little game played around the blogs? It's a fun and easy one to participate in. All that is required is to:

Go to the photos folder on your computer.

Go to the seventh folder of photos.

Go to the seventh photo.

Put the seventh photo on your blog along with a description.

Invite seven friends to join.

Here's my photo! Believe me I wanted to cheat and pick another....but I didn't!

I have no idea who took this picture because that is me (without make-up!) my hubby (in the middle, barely visible) and my brother-in-law, all in the picture. I think this might be from my father-in-laws camera? I don't discard many pictures (the benefit of digital!) We were at an old abandoned armory at Sandy Hook, NJ. Near hubby's hometown. We are all taking video and stills of the kids on a cannon. Talk about OVERKILL!

So, I have to tag a few friends.

Now I'm going to leave it up to you whether you want to participate or not. If you choose to, please drop me a line. I would like to see your photo. Like I said, it's a fun little game!


  1. These tags are fun! Looks like everyone is enjoying themselves... and I love your jacket! One my FAV colors!! I hope the sun is shining your way!! :)

  2. Thanks for playing along, Shelley!! That's what I liked about this tag - it made me go and hunt through photos that I might not have otherwise browsed through right now. Very cool!! And LOL about your comments on the overkill - my family has been known to do the very same thing... :)