Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In a Happy Orange Mood!

I was in an orange mood when I made these bright, happy cards. I love orange anyway! I don't use it a lot, except around Halloween. So, I consider this my challenge within a challenge.

I made these cards to participate in TaylorVanbruggen's 1st anniversary Cupcake Sketches challenge. I made 9 cards from 9 different sketches. Two were so hideous I won't be sharing them here! If you must see them, they are on my Spilt Coast Stampers gallery under "queeky." They may not be there for long...I may delete them!

I love the Upsy Daisy Card on top. I didn't stamp a sentiment so that I have the option of making it what ever kind of card I choose. Whether it be thank you, sympathy, birthday...what ever! I also like the Eastern Blooms circle card. Believe it or not, I've never done this type of masking. It was so quick and easy. I just love the results. The last card is the cute little whale from Pun Fun. I omitted his spout and used the candle from the retired goodie Fun Filled. I think it's whimsical!

Hope you enjoyed today selections! Check in tomorrow. I will be sharing the 4 other keepers!


  1. Shelley these cards are awesomely cute!!! :) The whale is perfect with the candle on top and your circle card {{FABULOUS}}!! I have that set also and love the flowers. :) All 3 cards just rock and very inspiring! :)

  2. These are absolutely beautiful! So bright and cheery!