Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another First! A Double Post!

Today is a special day, my first time posting twice in one day! Yahoo! I've been failing to mention my new blog banner. A little out of season I might add, but I was playing, and it's what I had to work with! This is a picture of my petunias from last summer. More fitting for the season would be a picture of the two foot drift on my back porch! Today when I sent the kids to school it was -5°! They had a two hour delay again this morning because we had blizzard conditions last night. Do you know the definition of a blizzard? I thought it meant just a lot of snow. Well, my weather savvy husband tells me it's a combination of snow, wind and temperature (don't make me get specific, I don't have the details.) Anyway, that's what we had last night! My DH (weatherman) is out of town until tomorrow evening, so my son is filling in for him. He informed me we could get another 2"-5" tonight! I'll be dreaming about those petunias!

1 comment:

  1. Your banner is so "springy" and I enjoy it as winter is sure getting long with the cold temps! I bet your garden is gorgeous in the summer. My banner is also a photo of my flowers. I love BRIGHT colors in my yard... TFS!!